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Ready to Upsize Your Home?

Upsizing your house is a little more involved than opting for the large drink and fry. The appeal of and upsize can be quite alluring, especially when you are crammed into a tiny space that just no longer does the job. If you are thinking about upsizing your home, then you may want to consider…


Four Major Influences On Your Home Buying Budget

Finding it impossible to locate a rental in Detroit or other areas of Michigan? Many people arehaving the same problem. With the median price of homes in July 2021 in Southeast Michigan being at around $260,000, it’s a good time to shift focus and turn to purchasing your own home. The benefits of owningyour own…


Understanding the Real Estate Market in Detroit

If you have paid any attention to the real estate world lately, then you have probably heard the term “seller’s market” tossed around. 2020 became the year the housing market significantly changed. And, if the first half of 2021 is any guide, it looks like 2021 will continue the current cycle. Detroit is no exception…

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How Can I Avoid Paying PMI

For a conventional mortgage, paying any less than 20% down will very likely result in private mortgage insurance (PMI) becoming a requirement for your loan to close. PMI ultimately exists to protect the lender from a borrower defaulting on a mortgage in a particularly precarious situation, where the home may be worth very near the…


What’s The Difference Between APR and My Interest Rate?

Many people are confused about the difference between their interest rate and annual percentage rate (APR). While both rates do relate to the total cost of your mortgage, each calculation comes from a distinct set of inputs. It is important to comprehend the differencebetween an advertised rate and how your APR may diverge, even significantly,…

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Understanding Cash to Close

While some lenders provide for other creative charges at times, this is a list of the most commonclosing costs. The list is by no means exhaustive, but it will provide you with an idea of thetraditional costs associated with a mortgage. As you can see, these charges come from thecombination of providers necessary to make…


The Top 7 Traits Your Real Estate Agent Should Possess

Think about your ideal real estate agent for a moment. While many people may conjure up images that look a lot like Glenngarry Glen Ross with his “ABC” monologue, the only person on your real estate team that should really live the “Always Be Closing” mantra is the Closer on your mortgage. In reality, a…

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Is It Time to Move? Tips for Choosing to Sell in 2021

It almost goes without saying that the events of 2020 were not on anyone’s radar at the beginning of the year. This is just a reminder that life will always have its curveballs and no one can predict the future. As we enter into 2021, many are hopeful that a flip of the calendar page…

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What Are Concessions?

Chandler Nash answers one of the most common questions that he gets asked from his clients – “What are concessions?” Call us if you have any other questions you would like answered – 586.580.8092.


Why Buyers Should Use A Buyer’s Agent.

Home buyers should always have their own agent. Searching for the perfect home can be a very confusing process, especially for first time home buyers.  Your mind will most likely be racing with all sorts of questions.  What is my price range? Where should I be looking? How do I know how much to offer?…

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